Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Book Club with Friends!

     Reading. A lot of schools, including my own, require you to do so over your summer vacation. Some people, possibly including yourself, don't find the fun or need in this. But, it is important, and it can be fun. Even if you don't enjoy reading, having a book club can make it enjoyable. And the best part is, you only need at least one friend and enough copies of a book for each person.

Get your friend(s) on board with the idea. Before you can start your book club, you need to find a good group to have the book club with. But don't rush into gathering your group. Try thinking a little. A few factors might make some friends unsuitable for your book club. Ask yourself the following when looking over a friend:

  1. Would they have time to get together (or at least chat electronically) for the book club?
  2. Do they have a reading level similar to yours?
  3. Would you enjoy having them in your book club? (After all, you're trying to have fun!)
  4. (If others have already been invited) Is there enough room for them in the book club?
Pick a book. This might sound simple, but there is actually a lot of thinking involved! Is it on a good reading level for you? Will everyone in the book club be able to finish it on time (before summer vacation ends)? Is it interesting to all or most of the book club members?  Are you able to find enough copies of the book for each person? (This last question should also be considered when finding members.) If you need help finding books, you can look at our book reviews page!

Get started! From here on, a lot of the details are up to you! How do you want to do your book club? Will you have physical meetings or electronical ones? How many discussions will you have? How will you split up the book? Will there be assigned roles, or will everyone talk freely about their thoughts on the book?

Why should I have a "Summer Book Club"?

  • It would make summer reading even better!
  • It gives you a chance to hang out and interact with friends while doing necessary things.
  • By having your own book club over the summer, you would be prepared for a book club you might have to do in school.
By Julia

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