Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stuck to the Screen: Great iPod and iPhone Apps: Part 2A

   Bored of the apps and games on your iPod or iPhone? Well, we're here to help you. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite apps and games.

1. The Sims FreePlay- Free
Description: In this game, you control the actions of virtual people, called sims. This game has many different quests so you can make your sim town even better. I've had this game for about two and a half years. My current level: 34.
 2. Minecraft Pocket Edition- $6.99
Description: I personally don't think this game need a a description. I mean, who doesn't know what Minecraft is? Let me tell you this. It is supper addicting. Every time I see I can update it, I squeal.
 3. Tsum Tsum- Free
Description: You connect Tsum tsums' to earn points. This game is really simple, and a pleasure to play! I currently only own one Tsum Tsum but want more!
 4. SimCity- Free
Description: You build a city for sims and take care of them. For example, they need lighting and water too! This game is very fun. It's so amazing to see your city grow!
 5. Geometry Dash Lite- Free
Description: In this game you tap your screen to hop over spikes and hop on objects to help you avoid the spikes. Extremely addicting and fun. There is also a regular Geometry Dash that is $1.99 and has more levels, but I haven't purchased it. I find no need because I haven't even completed one level yet!
 6. Inquizitive- Free
Description: In this app there are tons of Disney based quizzes and trivia. It is very fun, even if you aren't a huge Disney fan. It's really great when your bored and don't know what to do.
 7. Superimpose-$0.99
Description: This app is great for editing pictures. You can change a pictures background, recolor things, and much more. It also has a lot of cool filters. It is definitely worth $0.99 if you ask me!
 8. Room Planner Home Design- Free
Description: In this app you can make a 2D model of a house or other building and then see it in 3D. It is amazing. Now I know this may not be to popular among kids, but I have always been into making floor plans (I watch HGTV sometimes). I can't believe this app is free.
 9. Bakery Story- Free
Description: All these games are really great. In this particular one, you own a bakery. It is really fun to see it grow. You can customize your bakery, and choose what foods are made and served. I am currently on level 26.
 10. 1010!- Free
Description: In this game you are given a grid in which you place blocks. If you complete a row or column it disappears, and that's how you earn points. This game is really quite fun.

  I hope this has helped you find some really good apps and games!


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  1. I should try playing the Sims. I know I would love it! I used to play it years ago -- I bet it is better now!

  2. I should try playing the Sims. I know I would love it! I used to play it years ago -- I bet it is better now!