Monday, July 14, 2014

Book worm reviews: Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star
By Wendy Mass
      A large group of people watch silently as the moon slowly covers the sun. It's getting darker and darker, making it seem more like nighttime than daytime. A group of newly made friends stand together, the performance that brought them together standing in the sky.              
        Ally stares up at the sky, taking in the beauty of it all. Bree stands still, looking up, up into the sky. Jack smiles as the solar eclipse takes place. It's so beautiful.
       Every Soul a Star is an attention-grabbing, heart-warming story about a group of friends who experience one of the greatest things in life. They all have different personalities, interests, and hobbies, but they manage to form a strong bond of friendship.
      Ally loves astronomy. Growing up on the Moon Shadow Campground helped her with that. She lives on the Moon Shadow Campground, which her family owns, with the rest of her family. Her parents moved there when she was four, knowing what would occur there in a handful of years.
      Bree, however, lives in a town. She hopes to be a model. Her parents, however, don't see what she sees in fashion. Her younger sister, Melanie, doesn't see it either. While Bree tries her best to look her best, her sister is getting straight A's. Bree plans on many things for the approaching summer, but when her parents tell her about their plans, her life seems to be thrown away.
     Jack is fatherless. He loves to draw aliens. Oh, and he can fly. Now let me give you some explanations to clarify the last sentences. His father left before he was born. All the evidence of his father are some pictures from the neck down. He draws the aliens and is good at it. Not everyone can draw. The flying, well, I shouldn't give it away! ;) ;) ;)

     These three kids, along with siblings and friends, witness something amazing. Through it all they learn a lot about friendship and themselves.

By Julia
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  1. Love this book review! Well written and very descriptive. :)