Monday, June 29, 2015

Make a Summer To-Do List

     What do you plan to do this summer vacation? Clean. Draw. Write. Play. The possibilities are endless! To keep track of all of these wonderful things (that you MUST do), you can create a summer to-do list! It's easy, simple, and can be fun! But most importantly, it will serve as a reminder of all of your goals.

Step 1: Think! :) Obviously, before you make the to-do list, you have to think about everything you going to put on it! While you probably already have a good idea of what you want, allow me to list a few suggestions below!
  • Read (our book suggestions can be found on our books page)
  • Draw, paint, color, or sketch
  • Tidy up your room
  • Have sleepovers (check out our sleepovers label)
Step 2: Gather your supplies! Once you have thought of most of your plans (you'll probably think of more along the way!), it's time to get all needed materials!
  • Paper (lined or blank; you pick)
  • Different colored pens or pencils
  • Any decorations or pictures you may want to add (ex. paper flowers, beads, etc.)
  • Glue (used to apply decorations)

Step 3: ***CREATE*** the to-do list! This is the best step for me, and maybe you too! When you make your to-do list, don't just make it in one color! You can organize your goals while making it pretty just by doing this! For example, you can use orange for craft-related goals, purple for "chore"-related ones (ex. cleaning), blue for goals that involve reading, and green for social goals (goals that have to do with other people). You can do whatever you want to do! Use different colors and categories if you wish! Don't forget to include the check boxes! When your done writing down these plans, you get to ~~DECORATE~~ your list! Color, add, draw...I'll leave it up to you! ;)

Step 4: Hang up your to-do list! Where is a good spot for you? On your whiteboard? Wall? Bulletin board? Wherever you hang it, make sure that it is in a spot that you will easily see it and be reminded of your goals. After all, what good is a to-do list if you never look at it?

You have successfully created your own summer to-do list!
I hope this will be helpful to you during your summer vacation.
Don't forget to check off completed to-do's!

By Julia
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  1. Good tips! I need to make a summer to do list -- there are a lot of things I want to do this summer! Thanks for the tips!