Monday, August 3, 2015

Bookworm Reviews: Skyscraping changing for Mira. Everything she thought she knew about her parents and their lives seems to be wrong. Everything she found important suddenly doesn't matter. How can one event change everything? How can any of this be happening?

"How do you learn to fly when you haven't been taught how to fall?"
--Quote from back cover of 2015 copy of Skyscraping

     In this teen novel of poetic free verse by Cordelia Jensen, readers are taken on a journey through Mira's senior year of high school. When thinking back to my personal experience reading this book, I remember watching as Mira's life fell apart, feeling bad for her. I recall hoping that she would get better, hoping that she would find whatever it was that she needed to get her back on track. The fact that I felt that way and wanted those things for her tells me that I had a special bond with this character, and you do not have that kind of bond with every book. But, at the same time, I hated her. Why was she doing that? Just letting everything go away? It's interesting that I could feel both feelings for a single character (I think Jensen did a wonderful job), and you have to decide: will you give up on her, or do you have hope?
     Reading in poetic free verse might sound like an uninteresting concept. It's just a bunch of words scattered around the page, right? Wrong. That's because, in pieces with a poetic structure, there is always a deeper meaning. There is always something behind that stanza; line; metaphor...word. Finding that deeper meaning takes thought, and will actually boost your reading skills.
     All in all, I highly recommend reading Skyscraping by Cordelia Jensen. Try your mind at reading free verse. Find out who Mira is, and love her; hate her. Discover what has been kept a secret from her. Watch as one event leads to the next like falling dominoes, falling and pushing and falling and pushing over and over again. The question is, what will become of Mira; what image will the dominoes create?

By Julia 
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