Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Julia's Tips for...Cleaning Your Room

     If you read yesterday's post (Prepare for School: The Importance of a Clean Room), you know that having (and keeping) a clean and organized room is important. But, cleaning your room is easier said then done. All it takes is one step into your cluttered room for all of your motivation to fly away. So, how do you manage to get started? How do you keep on going? How do you get started? Searching for answers to these questions? Then read below for all if those little tips that will keep you on track.

Tip #1: Create a Plan. Of course, this will only work for some people, as not everyone works well with a plan, but I know this definitely works for me! This plan can be as detailed, simple, or complicated as you want. Is it a to-do list? An hour-by-hour agenda of the process? A simple list of what you want to get done? Whatever you chose to do, forming a plan might be one of the most logical and easiest ways to stay focused and productive.

Tip #2: Set Goals for Yourself. Goals, small or big, are a great way to push yourself forward. They also can easily take the place of a plan, and are, most likely, something you are used to doing by now. In school, you are constantly making and working to achieve set goals. Teachers do this for a reason. By making goals, you are sure of your purpose, what you are going to do, when you want it done by...all of the little details you might forget other wise!

Tip #3: Set Rewards for Completing a Step. Who doesn't like rewards? By creating rewards for yourself, you are motivated to get work done. For example, a reward could be texting your friend for 10 minutes or eating a special snack. Just be sure that your reward won't distract you!

Tip #4: Listen to Music. By listening to music, you can keep yourself entertained, and cleaning your room will seem less boring. An  the great thing is, there are so many ways you can listen to music: on the radio, your phone, iPod, Kindle Fire, iPad, CD player, etc. I am sure there is some way that you can play your music. Just be careful: play it too loud and you may disturb your family members.

Tip #5: Hold a Competition. If all else fails, a little friendly competition won't hurt, and will definitely push you forward. Grab a friend, sibling, or even your mom or dad and start the cleaning! First clean room wins.

     I wish you luck in cleaning and organizing your room. Remember, it does not have to be done in a day. This might take time. All that matters is that you get a good product at the end.

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