Monday, August 10, 2015

Bookworm Reviews: Made You Up

     Recently, I finished Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (see Emily's review: Emily's Phenomenal Reads: Made You Up). When Emily told me that I should read it because it was "the best book ever", I have to admit that, at first, I wasn't so sure. I know that she is into teen books with romance in it, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only thing is, romance-themed novels aren't my favorite. But, I was surprised: I like it. This book is now my favorite fictional book, matter of fact. Oh, and don't worry for those of you who do not love the love, for Made You Up is so much more!
     In this wonderfully written debut novel, Zappia uses the fictional story of Alexandra ("Alex") Ridgemont to do all sorts of things. She, of course, creates an exciting romance. She gives readers a mix of mystery. She teaches readers valuable lessons through a book they will come to love. Additionally, she gives readers characters they will fall in love with and characters who they will truly hate. She creates that special bond (as mentioned in my Bookworm Review for Skyscraping) between readers and characters that causes true empathy for them. What more is there to ask for?
     In other words, this book is not just for romance lovers. Nor is it just for those who want to learn something new; discover the truth behind the mystery; like a good read. It is for ALL of those people. For her first novel, Francesca Zappia has done an astounding job. Seriously: both Emily and I find it amazing, which means...You MUST read it now!

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  1. That's great that you both love the same book! Good book review!