Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prepare for School: The Importance of a Clean Room

     Let's face it: no one really likes to clean their room. Yes, there are those who actually find pleasure in doing this, but for most of us out there, cleaning our room can be very difficult. Even if we say, "I want to clean my room," when it comes time to do so, we suddenly find ourselves not wanting to. But we all know that a clean room is important...especially during the school year. The longer you stall, the harder it will be when you clean it, so you might as well do it now. (This, in a way, is also a reminder to myself. In fact, I will make you a deal: I will clean mine, and you, yours. Okay? Good.)

Why should I clean my room?

Answer #1: You should clean your room because a neat room is important for the school year. For a lot of teens, tweens, and kids, homework is done in the bedroom. And, who wants to do homework in a messy bedroom? A neater room is easier to concentrate in. Additionally, a clean space is more welcoming (you will actually want to go in it), and less distracting (pretty difficult to focus on homework with clutter all around, isn't it?), making homework time easier.

Answer #2: A clean room is more welcoming (as mentioned briefly in Answer #1). With a cluttered room, you will not want to spend much time in it. If it is insanely messy, it will be difficult to move around. Your room should be a place where you can relax and rest at the end of the day, but with an unorganized room, it will be harder to settle down. The mess is distracting and stressful, and might even keep you more awake. Plus, if you are like me, a messy room will be a constant reminder of all the work you will have to do to clean it, adding more stress to whatever pile you have already created. Hanging out in your room will not be fun, as you might not be able to sit in it, move around easily, or do things you want to do.

Answer #3: Having a tidy room is key to being organized. Having an untidy room however, is a one-way path to a struggle in finding things. You might currently find yourself thinking, "Where is it?", and this might be happening a lot. If this is happening (or you think you are close to being in this state), you know you need to clean your room soon. Not being able to find things is really annoying and frustrating...and definitely something you don't want happening to you. On the other hand, if you have a clean room, you will easily be able to find things, important when you need to quickly grab something.

     So, where do you go now? Well, I hope this answer comes to you instantly. If it doesn't, I will tell you directly:

·~·~·~·~·~·CLEAN YOUR ROOM!·~·~·~·~·~·

     Remember, cleaning your room will take time, as a lot of thought and planning will be put into it (unless you just throw things in drawers and your closet...don't do that), and that's okay! No one is expecting you to finish cleaning your room in an hour (unless it really isn't that messy), and there is no set level of how organized or clean it should be. Some people like it so that every little thing has its on place, and others are a little more laid-back. But whatever your style, be sure to keep your goal and self in mind. :)
[Just a Little Note: To make up for not posting on Monday like usual, I will be publishing a special Wednesday treat for tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it, and thanks for reading our blog! :D :D :D]

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