Friday, August 21, 2015

Phenomenal Reads With Emily: Landline

  About a week ago I finished Landline by Rainbow Rowell. It was truly an amazing book that was very realistic. I loved the characters, and enjoyed the plot. It was really different from other books I usually read, which is part of the reason why I liked it. In many books I read, the boy and the girl are together in the end, you you assume they live happily ever after. However, that is not the case in the real world. This book tells you about the fairytale part, the part where everything is happy, where the boy and the girl get together and you assume they will be together forever, and the realistic part, where after they are married, work, kids, and differences grow them apart.
   However this book also includes one other thing that puts it apart from other books; a magical phone. Yes, you read that right, a magical phone. In this book, the main character, Georgie, struggles what to do when she finds a phone where she can talk to her husband, Neal, from the past, while he and their kids are visiting his family for Christmas without her. Is this an opportunity to fix her struggling marriage. Or, is it an opportunity to stop it before it even happens? Georgie is not sure.
   I loved how the characters interacted with each other. Everything was so realistic. I really understood what the characters were going through, and why they did certain things. I loved how Rainbow Rowell really shows what the character are like through their actions. They all had their little quirks, and they all had their struggles. I loved every single character, and found myself rooting for every one of them.
    The ending of this book was fantastic. Ever read a book that was so good, but don't like the ending? That you find yourself thinking it was a bit too rushed. Well that didn't happen in this book I'm glad to say. It really summed up everything well, with also leaving a little bit of mystery. This book grabbed my attention and kept it. I think every one should read this book; it really is something quite special.

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