Thursday, October 1, 2015

Julia's activities for the holidays: Halloween

Hi! Do you just LOVE Halloween? I know a lot of kids like to dress up in costumes, have fun with their friends and family and most importantly. . .receiving all of the CANDY! But have you ever wanted to do more? Bellow are ten fun and spooky Halloween ideas that will make you SHRIEK with joy!

1. MAKE COSTUMES FOR YOUR DOLLS OR STUFFED ANIMALS You love dressing up in a costume, so your little friend must enjoy it too! You don't need a lot of stuff. You can use paper, blankets and anything around the house your parent is okay with. For a goddess, you can wrap a tissue around your Barbie doll and secure it with a hair tie or rubber band. For a super hero, you can make a mask out of paper and a cape using a small blanket (you can also use a tissue, cloth or maybe some fabric scraps from your mom after she sews).

2. MAKE A SILLY HALLOWEEN SONG THAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Making a song can be fun and can let you show how creative you are! Write the song about anything Halloween-- mummies, zombies, candy,etc. In it you can show why you love Halloween or it could just be about scary stuff.

3. MAKE A HALLOWEEN BOARD GAME You can make the game out of paper or cardboard (if you use cardboard you might want to glue paper on top). Draw little squares in a line on the base of your board game. They can be in a wavy, straight, whatever you want kind of line. Make sure that your squares are big enough so you can write in them. Make a start and a finish square. In the other squares you can write Halloween phrases that will either make you move ahead, move back or make you lose a turn. For example, "lost in graveyard--lose one turn" and "befriended a witch who gave you a ride on her broom-- move 3 spaces. It's your decision if you want to use cards that tell you how many spaces to move or to use dice. Have fun!

4. DRAW YOUR OWN MONSTER You've heard of zombies, witches and werewolves but have you ever heard of a zummy? It's a zombie and a mummy! With this activity you can either make your own new monster or combine two to make a super monster!

5. MONSTER CARDS Did you love activity number 4? Well then you'll love this one! In this activity you need an opponent (if you have a lot of players, you can make teams!) Each player or team needs a sheet of paper. Cut up your paper so you each have the same amount of pieces. If you have teams you need to make enough pieces for everyone. On your paper, draw a monster and on the bottom write it's power (mind reading, fire maker, etc.) On the count of three two people will reveal their cards. The winner (ex. water beats fire) gets to take the loser's card, which they can use later on in the game. The game will end when either no more cards or left or when time (you can pick how long) runs out.

6. MAKE YOUR STUFFED ANIMALS GO TRICK-OR-TREATING It's fun and simple. Dress your stuffed animals in their Halloween costumes and get them "candy bags." The candy bags can be made from a small container or maybe just a plastic bag. You can use little beads as the candy. You can set up little stations or "houses" for your little friends. You can have other stuffed animals give them candy. Remember to have fun with your little friends!

7. MAKE HALLOWEEN RAINBOW LOOM BRACELETS I know a lot of people love the rainbow loom so I made an activity for those people. All you have to do is grab some orange and black rubber bands to make your Halloween rainbow loom bracelets. You could make starburst, ladder, fishtail, and raindrop bracelets. I'm sure that you can make other bracelets, too! Have fun!

8. MAKE HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS FOR YOUR LOCKER  You decorate the house for Halloween, so why not decorate your locker? There's a bunch of stuff you can make for your locker--like a paper jack-o-lantern, Halloween bubble letters, little ghosts and many more.

9. MAKE A SCARY HALLOWEEN DANCE This activity will be fun for those of you that like dancing. Make sure that your dance moves are fun and scary! If you want to, you can perform your dance while someone else (or you could try to) sings your song.

10. HAVE A "SPOOK-TACKLER" HALLOWEEN PARTY With all of these fun activities, you can definitely have a "SPOOK-TACKLER" party! You can also come up with some of your own ideas and do those at your party too.


Have any more fun Halloween ideas? Leave a comment on this post to give others more things to do to celebrate!


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