Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer To-Do List Check-In

     I know that you were probably expecting a post from Emily today, as she usually writes on Fridays, but for this Friday, you get me (Julia) instead! Hope you don't mind that. I'm not that bad, right? Anyway, I am here to remind you of something very important. Remember that summer to-do list I suggested? Well, how many of those things are actually done? 
     If your answer was "many of them", "most of them", or "all of them", then congratulations! You are very well accomplished this summer! But, if you are like me, and answered "some of them", "few", or even (gasp!) "none", than you might want to continue reading. Sorry. Oh, and if you did not make a summer to-do list, don't worry! Click here to view that post.
     Okay, so you don't have a lot of boxes checked off. Don't worry, for there still is some time left of summer vacation left (for some people) to get at least some of these things done. How are you ever going to do these things? There are a few solutions to your troubles, so don't worry. Read through each one and find the one that best fits you and your situation.

1. Make a plan. Making a plan is probably one of the simplest options, but might sound easier than it is. Before finalizing your plan, think about the following. Do you have any plans with family and friends over this time? Do you have other priorities? How long will each activity take? Oh, and don't forget to work some testing time into there too!
2. Discard some of your "to-dos". So maybe you don't have enough time to do all of your planned things. I know that I don't have enough time to do all of the activities on my list! Pick certain activities based on both the amount of time you have left and on what you like the most. The rest of your activities can be saved for next summer's fun!
3. Save some activities for school weekends. You do need something to do over the weekend, and if you can't complete these activities over the summer, why not do it during the school year? It might be a slow process (one or two per weekend), but eventually you'll be able to say that you completed your summer to-do list...even if it is a little late!

     After looking through these myself, I suggest combining the first option with the second or third option. If you know you can't complete these over the summer, why not extend your plan over the rest of the summer and the school year? So, I wish you luck with your last-minute summer plans, and maybe future school plans. Just don't let it distract you from enjoying your last days of summer vacation...or doing homework!

[Sorry about the hastily-made post. At least it's something! :)]

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  1. Hi! I hope you get more stuff on your to-do list done! Maybe you will get more done once you finish summer camp!