Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top 10 Things to do in the Car

     Over summer vacation, you'll probably do a good amount of traveling. Whether the car ride is only half an hour or 5 hours, you probably don't want to be bored out if your mind waiting. So, I have created this "Top Ten List" to help guide to the world of car ride fun! Even if you have some ideas, it wouldn't hurt to have a few more! Look below for my top ten picks!

1. Read a book! Everyone loves reading, right? Okay, this might not be true for everyone, but Emily and I sure live to! Books take you to new places. They teach you so many things! Romance, comedy, mystery...there's something for everyone! Check out our book reviews page for a few good suggestions!

2. Talk! Why not? Your parents have tons to say, and I'm sure you do too! Talking is fun for most people, and will make time fly! It also is a great chance to bond with your parents! Have siblings? Even better! You can have a chit-chatter party!

3. Listen to music. Your parents might by mind. In fact, some (maybe including yours) parents listen to the radio themselves! If not, don't worry: a lot of people have some sort of device that they can play music on. Just pick some songs and listen! Just, be careful not to crazily sing along...out loud.

4. Look out the window. Okay, okay, I know: might not be your favorite. But, it can be worthwhile. Especially if you happen to be driving through rows of trees or rolling hills; historic houses or tall city buildings. I'm sure there's something out there! All you have to do is turn your head!

5. Play gin! While this card game may not be ideal for a car ride, it surely is fun--and addicting! It is possible to play in the car though, and is a great thing to do with a friend! (Don't know how to play? Do not worry! Next Monday you can learn how to play through a blog post! So, stay tuned!)

6. Think. Who says you have to actually do an activity? Thinking can be quite fun. And the great thing is, there's so much to think about! Think about what's going on in your life: family, friends, what you're going to do on vaction; what has happened in your life: happy things, troubling things, what happened on your vaction; and, of course, there always is the simple fun of thinking random thoughts!

7. Crochet/Knit. Yes, you may not know how to do either of these things, but there must be a hobby of yours that can be done in the car! Whether it is crocheting, knitting, drawing, etc. it doesn't matter. As long as it is fun for you and meets the previous requirement, it's a possibility!

8. Play a car game. Don't have a deck of cards? That's okay, because there are plenty of games that are made for car rides! Games include I Spy, 20 Questions, an assorted selection of hand games, and so much more. You can even create your own car game to pass the time!

9. Take a nap! Who says this isn't nice? Maybe you had to get up at some unpleasant hour early in the morning. Or you didn't sleep well from vacation excitement. Whatever it may be, naps are an easy and simple option. They especially come in handy during LONG car rides. So sit back, close your eyes, maybe even snuggle up under a packed blanket and begin your snooze!

10. Go on a device. You may be wondering why I chose to put this last on the list. My reason for doing so is because I believe that kids these days already spend enough time on their kindles, phones, iPods, iPads, etc. Anyway, you might not be able to bring such things with you in the car, so it might be best not to think about! With so many options listed above, hopefully you won't have to turn on your electronic!

By Julia

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