Friday, January 3, 2014

Little-known Holidays: for the Weekend (January 4th and 5th 2014)

                Do you want to celebrate a holiday but have nothing to celebrate? Do you want to have some fun? Do you have nothing to do but still want to do something? Well, I have a solution to that! This weekend, you can have fun with family, friends or just yourself with these little-known but fun holidays!
                On January 4th (which by the way is Saturday) it is Trivia Day! You can get together with family and friends to have a fun trivia night! Ask each other all sorts of trivia, and if you want to, you could play Trivial Pursuit! Ask each other silly, funny, hard or what-ever-you-want questions!
                On January 5th (which is Sunday) it is Bird Day! To all of you bird-lovers out there, this is your holiday! On this day, make sure you watch the birds! Now, you could go outside in the cold, or you could watch from your window (I suggest watching from your window). That's if you can find any birds. If not, that's okay! You could draw birds, dress up like birds, research birds-- basically anything that is related to birds (it is called Bird Day, not Watch Birds Day).
                 Now, do you know what you are going to do this weekend now? I hope you do! After reading this post, I hope you are excited to celebrate these holidays, and maybe some other little-known holidays, too! Have fun!

Thanks to these websites, I was able to find little-known holidays.

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