Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to make the "bubble bracelet" on the rainbow loom

  I know that the rainbow loom is very popular right now. I love making bracelets with my kit. Sometimes I try to make my own bracelets. Below are instructions to one of the rainbow loom bracelets I made without instructions.

  First, put a straight line of rubber bands down the middle using your first color ( make sure that the red little arrow on the bottom is pointing away from you.)

Next, using your second color ( in mine that color is yellow ), make a diamond shape using just one rubber band on top of the first color. Do this until you can not make anymore diamond shapes.

Now, turn your loom around so the little arrow is know pointing at you. Before you loop your bracelet, you have to do something else first. Have you ever made a starburst bracelet? You know the little thing that you put on the loom before you start looping? You have to do that for this one, too.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you what to do. *Take a rubber band (either your first color or your second color ) and twist it so it makes an 8 shape and put each loop part of the eight on the point where the first and second color meet.

Now, loop the first color. Make sure you don't loop the second color!

After you're done looping, bring you hook under all of the rubber bands at the end. *Hook it with your first color and bring it under while holding it to make a loop.

 If you have made the ladder bracelet or the starburst bracelet you know that I'm beginning an *extension cord. When your extension cord is finished, clip it and-- ta-da! I hope you enjoy your new rainbow loom bracelet. I call this bracelet the "bubble bracelet."


* If you do not know how to do the starred steps, look at videos (that can be found online) on how to make the starburst bracelet. Some steps used in here are also needed in the starburst bracelet.

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