Friday, April 13, 2012

A Poem

Below is a poem that I wrote myself. I hope you like it.

                                                                   Tooth Fairy
                                                                Tip toe, tip toe.
                                                          Where did you go?
                                                      Up in the sky,
                                                       up you fly.

                                                       Tip toe, tip toe,
                                                        on the ground.
                                                You don't even make a sound.

                                                       Fly in the house,
                                                     as quiet as a mouse.

                                                      Up the stairs,
                                                         in the air.

                                                         In to the bedroom,
                                                         in you go.
                                                         In to the bedroom,
                                                         in you tip toe.

                                                         Fly up to my bed,
                                                         fly up to my head.
                                                         Reach for my tooth,
                                                         then go poof!

                                                         Put the money in its place,
                                                         and create a smile on my face.

                                                         Then you leave as quiet as a mouse,
                                                         then you leave my wonderful house.

                                                                          By Julia
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